Soda and Ice – A Bad Combo for Your Oral Health


It might sound tasty and relatively harmless, but that ice filled mega-cup of soda will wreak havoc on your teeth. Upon reading this, your first thought is likely something like, “Of course, it’s the sugar in the soda.” While that is indeed true, it actually gets worse. Take a look at a few of ways an icy soda can damage your good oral health. Sugar, … [Read more...]

Oral Care Primer: Don’t Forget Those Hard to Reach Back Teeth


For many people, one of the biggest oral care challenges that they face is brushing and flossing those hard to reach back teeth. Considering that these teeth play a critical role in the chewing process, they are more susceptible for collecting debris and food particles. Because of this, it's incredibly important to properly brush your back teeth to prevent tooth … [Read more...]

Parental Supervision: Be Sure to Monitor Your Child’s Use of Mouthwash


As adults, many of us incorporate mouthwash into our oral hygiene routines as it is an effective way to kill bacteria and combat plaque that may not have been removed from brushing and flossing. However, when it comes to your children using mouthwash, you may want to think twice. Here are some important things to keep in mind with children using mouthwash: Do … [Read more...]

Hidden Causes: Learn About the Rare Additional Causes of Gingivitis


Naturally, practicing poor oral hygiene habits will ultimately lead to gum disease; however, as we age, there are some causes of gingivitis that may be out of our control. Since many of these additional causes are not often publicized, we wanted to take a moment to a highlight a few of them below: When women go through menopause, they have the potential to … [Read more...]

Beams Dental Can Help Detect the Early Stages of Oral Cancer


Visiting your dentist regularly can help to prevent a number of serious health problems that extend beyond the mouth including heart disease and diabetes. Another reason to not let too much time pass between dental appointments is that your dentist can play a powerful role in detecting oral cancer in its early stages. At Beams Dental Care, we proactively … [Read more...]